Each heading below identifies what the video shows. There is a similar index sent with the video that also has the time reference on it for easy locating of an area you are trying to find.



Removing the movement from case


Identifying case parts

Cleaning the case

Removing crown

Removing a broken stem from crown

Removing stem and sleeve from pendant

How stem and sleeve function together

Removing bows

The swing out case

Half head case screws

Removing hands

Removing dial

How to use a screwdriver

Removing the hour wheel

Letting down the power

Recoil click explained

Setting mechanism

Using the "setting spring cam" to keep movement in winding position

Caution when disassembling movement

Use pith wood to keep track screws

Removing crown wheel, ratchet wheel & barrel bridge

Removing barrel cap

Explain going barrel

Removing spring from barrel

Rule for winding mainspring in going barrel

Using mainspring winder

Oiling mainspring

Winding a mainspring in by hand

Stringing parts on wire for hand cleaning

Screws sorted on pith wood

Caution about breaking the forth pinion

Using a movement holder

Removing setting parts

Removing balance cock

Setting parts

Removing Train Bridge

Study pins

Removing the canon pinion

Center wheel removal

Name the setting parts

Removing the setting parts

Removing the pallet bridge

Location of banking pins

Removing setting wheel

Description of cap jewels by diagram

Using peg wood to clean pivot holes

Using a jewel pusher to remove cap jewels

Oiling cap jewels

Removing the balance wheel from the balance cock

Removing the hairspring from the balance staff

Hairspring overcool

Meantime screws explained

How to use Truing calipers

Undercutting balance screws

Timing washers explained

Jewel pusher

Measuring mainsprings

How to read a micrometer

Using a Dennison gage

Explanation of stop works

Motor barrel Vs a going barrel

Safety pinion

Parts supplier

Inspecting pallet and roller jewels

Cleaning pinion leaves

Safety pinion explained




Parts strung on wire prior to cleaning

Pegging out pivot holes

Stringing train wheels on separate wire to prevent damage from heavier parts

Small parts in strainer for cleaning

Cleaning parts that require special attention

Caution when using one dip

Cleaning solutions for the jar method

Cleaning watch parts using the jar method

Lubricating mainspring after cleaning

Starting assembly

Cleaning rust from pinion leaves

Carbide graver sharpening set

Watch oiler tip and needle used on cap jewels

How to oil pivots

Lubricating mainspring arbor

Setting parts and assembly of same

Replacing spring barrel and parts under Barrel Bridge

Replacing click

Replacing crown wheel

Replacing ratchet wheel

Replacing train wheels and Train Bridge

Replacing setting parts on dial side

Testing train

Replacing pallet and Pallet Bridge

Testing and oiling pallet -

Description of how the escapement works

Putting the watch in beat

Escapement parts identified

How the escapement works

Drop explained

Lock explained

Run or slide explained

Draft or draw explained

Review of escapement terms

Things to check before adjusting the escapement

Adjusting pallet stones for lock

Staking set

Pressing the hairspring on the balance staff

Adjusting the hairspring collect

Checking the beat

How to make a hairspring adjusting tool

Dial and hand replacement

Putting the crown and setback in the pendant

Full plate Elgin with a broken balance staff pivot

Warning not to drop loose wheels under the dial

Removing the hairspring from the balance staff

Removing the roller table with a staking set

How to remove the roller table using a lathe

Replacing the balance staff using a latch (non friction staff)

Description of a few punches in the staking set

Tips on replacing the roller table

Naming of the parts of the balance

Replacing roller jewel

Stick shellac

Roller jewel assortments

Diagram explaining how to rivet a balance on the staff

Replacing roller table

Pressing the hairspring on the balance

Solder on double sunk dials

Demagnetizing watch tools and watches

Replacing canon pinion on watches with jeweled center wheel

Testing canon pinion friction

Explanation of the canon pinion

Closing the canon pinion

Removing a pallet stone

Friction staff

How to determine if the pivot of the balance fits the jewel

Test watch in all positions for correct results

Friction staff

A simple electric watch cleaner

Solution for removing broken stems from crowns

CAUTION on using acid